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I’m JC Kane. I’m an author. My first novel, My Lawyer, was published in April 2018. It’s a crime fiction novel about a corrupt attorney and a violent drug dealer.

I live in California and I like to write as often as I can. When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing, or maybe reading. Or maybe eating pizza. Anyway, my goal is to write great stories that make you feel something deep in your soul. I’ll let you be the judge in that regard.

Many Years Ago

I wasn’t always a writer. I’ve done a lot of different things over the years. I worked in Hollywood. I worked with criminals. I worked with more criminals. I worked with lawyers and judges. I worked with business owners. And, I spent a bit of time in the Army National Guard and U.S. Army.

Some Other Stuff

Occasionally, I do stuff in real life too. I actually pry my fingers away from my keyboard and walk outside into the real world.

When I do go outside, I might take my Australian Cattle Dog for a walk, go mountain biking, go hiking, or play tennis.

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It takes a lot of work to write a book. Sometimes, it’s even harder to write a book description for your book. It is sales copy. It needs to sell your book. It’s a totally different approach.